The Christian Stake in Bioethics Revisited: Crucial Issues of Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow has concluded.

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The theme for this, our 30th annual conference, is The Christian Stake in Bioethics Revisited: Crucial Issues of Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow. This title hearkens back to our very first conference, The Christian Stake in Bioethics, held in May of 1994 and officially launching The Center for Bioethics & Human Dignity.

That conference grew out of two days of meetings on the Trinity International University campus discussing the field of bioethics and what might be done by evangelical Christians specifically. The meeting’s attendees agreed that the time was ripe to further evangelical bioethical engagement, and it was determined that the best way to do so was to develop “some sort of center to mobilize that engagement, to enable people to work across professional, denominational, institutional lines. To be able to do genuinely Christian engagement with these issues.”  

Genuinely Christian engagement has indeed been the work of the Center. For this year’s conference, we will review the ground that has been covered, examine where the field of bioethics stands today, and look ahead to the challenge we will face as we continue forward.

Plenary addresses will include:
• "History of Evangelical Engagement in Bioethics," Bryan Just, MA
• Inaugural Virtue Ethics Lectureship, Ambassador Morse H. Tan, JD, MA
• "Transformation over Information: Bioethics meets Broadway," Christina Bieber Lake, PhD
• "How Shall We Respond to the “Brain Dead” Body? Some Christian Reflections," Adam Omelianchuk, PhD, MA
• "Voices from the Past," Various Speakers by Video
• "Advanced Directives Revisited," Peter Jaggard, MD, MA
• "Advice for Young Bioethicists," Scott B. Rae, PhD
• "Bioethics Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow, Matthew Eppinette, MBA, PhD

Workshops and paper sessions will explore additional issues from among the wide spectrum of traditional and emerging bioethical topics.

The Center for Bioethics & Human Dignity’s annual conference is the leading venue for Christian bioethical engagement, providing opportunities for equipping and education, professional development and academic engagement, as well as networking for professionals, researchers, policymakers, educators, and students across a variety of disciplines and professional contexts.

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