Dignitas is an academic publication of The Center for Bioethics & Human Dignity that bolsters our mission to “explore the nexus of biomedicine, biotechnology, and our common humanity” from a distinctively Christian lens.

Aims and Scope

Targeted towards professional and academic bioethics communities, Dignitas seeks to remain academically rigorous and broadly accessible. Rooted in Judeo-Christian Hippocratic values, its articles address foundational truths necessary for a robust theological anthropology along with particular explorations related to the protection of human dignity both nationally and globally. Evolving from The Center’s founding newsletter, Dignity, the publication became peer-reviewed in 2017 and is published quarterly.
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Editorial Policy

Beginning in 2017, Dignitas introduced an external peer-review phase to the editorial review process for full-length articles. All pieces are editorially reviewed by all members of the research staff and executive staff of CBHD to assess the quality of writing and scholarship. Additionally, all full-length articles are reviewed in a blind review process by multiple members of our editorial review board to assess the specialized content and argument. In cases where internal expertise is not sufficient to adequately assess the content of individual submissions, additional external experts from our Academy of Fellows, Healthcare Ethics Council, Advisory Board, and other individuals are invited to assess the piece. For more information on the Dignitas Editorial Board, please click here.
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