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Calls for Proposals

Dignitas Submission Guidelines

Submissions & Correspondence

We invite potential contributors to offer responses to the various commentaries and articles in Dignitas to continue the charitable dialogue we hope to inspire through the material we publish. We also invite the submission of reviews and commentaries on articles in other journals or recently published books relevant to bioethics, as well as full-length article submissions that engage in specialty or emerging areas of bioethics, particularly in the areas of biotechnology, clinical & medical ethics, disability ethics, emerging technology, genetic ethics, global bioethics, nursing ethics, and public health. Those interested in submitting a manuscript are encouraged to email an abstract of the proposed piece (article or book for a review, abstract of essay) to our editorial team (research@cbhd.org). Abstracts will be reviewed by CBHD’s research staff to offer guidance to increase the potential for publication in Dignitas. Final manuscripts should be submitted in MS Word, use endnotes for all references, follow the Chicago Manual of Style, and also include the attachment of a recent cv or resumé. While all submissions are carefully reviewed, we cannot guarantee publication.

Additional Guidelines on Submissions & Correspondence

Letters should reference the original piece in Dignitas. When appropriate we may invite the original author to respond to the Letter. Letters must not be longer than 700 words and will be subject to editorial review, though exceptions may be granted.

Reviews & Commentaries serve to unpack the key arguments of recent publications (journal articles or books) and to engage them in critical dialogue. Authors should review publications in areas that best match scholarly expertise. Lengths of reviews and commentaries can range from 300-1500 words. Those desiring to submit reviews or commentaries longer than 1500 words should contact our editorial team (research@cbhd.org).

Articles are major treatments of a particular subject relating to bioethics and human Dignity. Pieces should demonstrate a commitment to a Christian position and an appreciation for the wealth of the Hippocratic tradition. Authors should only submit articles in areas of scholarly expertise. Articles must be at least 2000 words, but not more than 6000 words in length, including endnotes.

Editorial Policy

Beginning in 2017, Dignitas introduced an external peer-review phase to the editorial review process for full-length articles. All pieces are editorially reviewed by all members of the research staff and executive staff of CBHD to assess the quality of writing and scholarship. Additionally, all full-length articles are reviewed in a blind review process by multiple members of our editorial review board to assess the specialized content and argument. In cases where internal expertise is not sufficient to adequately assess the content of individual submissions, additional external experts from our Academy of Fellows, Healthcare Ethics Council, Advisory Board, and other individuals are invited to assess the piece. For more information on the Dignitas Editorial Board, please click here.