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Internship & Visiting Scholar Opportunities

Employment Opportunities

There are no current openings at this time.

Internship & Visiting Scholar Opportunities

The Center is pleased to offer a variety of volunteer, internship, and visiting scholar opportunities at the undergraduate, graduate, and postgraduate level throughout the academic year as well as the summer months.

Internship Opportunities: Applicants for internships with the Center must submit a current resume/CV (including relevant course work and experience), a short description of your internship interests both regarding professional experiences and content areas, the approximate time frame of the internship period, need for accommodations/housing, and a paragraph or two discussing your desire to intern at a Christian bioethics research center. With your application please inform us if your proposed internship fulfills any degree program requirements and what, if any, necessary stipulations come along with these requirements. Finally, please review the Center's FAQs and comment as to your interest in working with our organization, particularly our commitment to Judeo-Christian Hippocratism. Please send all inquiries and documents regarding volunteer or internship opportunities with the Center to info@cbhd.org. At this time, all internships with CBHD are unpaid, and are designed to emphasize a mentored educational experience within the context of a Christian bioethics research center. In limited cases, on-campus housing may be provided for the duration of the internship when available. The Center staff review applications on a revolving basis and available slots are offered on a competitive basis.

Visiting Scholar Opportunities: The Center is pleased to host scholars and professionals in any of the disciplines encompassed by bioethics who are on sabbatical or research leave from their respective employer. Visiting Scholars are provided research space and access to CBHD's study center resources. Availability for these opportunities is limited and are offered on a first-come basis. To inquire about these opportunities, please contact us at info@cbhd.org.