academy of fellows

The Academy of Fellows of The Center for Bioethics & Human Dignity is an interdisciplinary community of scholars in bioethics who engage in thoughtful discussion, charitable engagement, and mutual support. The Academy exists to:

- Advance scholarship in bioethics across the disciplines of theology, law, medicine, nursing, public policy, and philosophy, with particular attention to Judeo-Christian Hippocratism
- Produce publications that will positively influence public discussion of bioethics and remain faithful to Christian principles and values
- Promote and protect the dignity of all human beings at all life stages, from conception to death
- Educate and mentor the next generation of Christian bioethicists.

The Academy is led by an executive committee that consists of the Chair of the Academy; CBHD Executive Director, F. Matthew Eppinette, PhD; and Director of Bioethics Degree Programs at Trinity Graduate School, Michael J. Sleasman, PhD. Fellows are appointed to three-year renewable terms. CBHD is a Christian bioethics research center committed to the academic freedom of our Fellows as an indispensable aspect of excellence in Christian scholarship. All of those affiliated with the Academy hold in common a commitment to CBHD’s core values and principles. Because bioethics is an ongoing dialogue, a range of interpretations is likely to exist within the Academy.

Academy of Fellows Executive Committee

Michael J. Sleasman, PhD

Michael J. Sleasman, PhD

Director of Bioethics Degree Program
Trinity International University
Matthew Eppinette, MBA, PhD

Matthew Eppinette, MBA, PhD

Executive Director