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A Different Death: Euthanasia and the Christian Tradition

InterVarsity Press
Place of Publication: 
Downers Grove

Fueled by controversies surrounding right-to-die activists, the debate over euthanasia occupies central stage in today's social arena. Christians have long been concerned with the issue, but A Different Death is the first comprehensive attempt to consider it in its historical, legal, ethical and theological aspects.Authors Larson and Amundsen combine impressive talents and backgrounds to survey the history of euthanasia in Christendom. Since Christian attitudes toward suicide are relevant to the discussion of active, voluntary euthanasia, they trace suicide from early Christianity into the modern period. They conclude with three chapters of detailed and penetrating counsel on how Christians should engage the euthanasia debate today.

Larson and Amundsen's work is multifaceted and thorough. Henceforth, any discussion of Christianity and euthanasia will have to take A Different Death into account. (Publisher)