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Case Studies in Ethics and HIV Research

Place of Publication: 
New York

This book represents the compilation of efforts by researchers across the country, each of whom is dedicated not only to the prevention and elimination of HIV infection, but also to the conduct of research according to the highest ethical pr- ciples. The authors of the case studies have graciously agreed to share their ex- riences in conducting research, which raised questions for them and will motivate us to further inquiry and examination. The views that are presented in this text are diverse and readers may or may not agree with the analyses of the editor-authors or the authors of the case studies. We do not aim for agreement among readers, but rather, the studied analysis of the ethical issues raised in the conduct of HIV research. We clearly emphasize the protection of the individuals participating in such research, as well as their communities, and view research not as an enterprise undertaken by researchers, but rather as a negotiated exchange between researchers, participants, and c- munities that also involves interplay with funding sources, ancillary partners, and governments. (Publisher)