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Controversies in Public Health and Health Policy

Jones & Bartlett Learning
Place of Publication: 
Burlington, Mass.

From the obesity epidemic to antibiotic resistance, firearm injuries, and health disparities, many health issues surface to the public domain in the form of controversies. In this innovative new text, author Jan Kirk Carney engages the reader in understanding public health and health policy through a study of current controversies.

Many issues connect public health and health care, an important perspective given the Affordable Care Act and health system changes at the state level. To get to the root of the controversy—and gain insight as to what must be done to advance the health issue—learners must grasp the breadth and scope of the issue and evidence-base for prevention, dissect root causes and barriers, then propose strategies for progress. Controversies in Public Health and Health Policy uses a structured format to carefully examine each controversy, with background, evidence-base, discussion questions, and additional learning resources.

Some of the topics covered include the acceptance of obesity as a cultural norm, e-cigarettes, binge drinking on college campuses, prescription drug abuse, antibiotic resistance, gun control, preventing concussions, climate change, and more. (Publisher)