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Defiant Birth: Women Who Resist Medical Eugenics

Spinifex Press
Place of Publication: 
North Melbourne, Australia

Daring women--those who were told not to have their babies due to perceived disabilities in themselves or their unborn children--tell their stories in this controversial book that looks critically at medical eugenics as a contemporary form of social engineering. Believing that all life is valuable and that some are not more worthy of it than others, these women have given birth in the face of disapproval and hostility, defied both the creed of perfection and accepted medical wisdom, and given the issue of abortion a complexity beyond the simplistic pro-life/pro-choice dichotomy. As it questions the accuracy of screening procedures, the definition of a worthwhile life, and the responsiblity for determining the value of an imperfect life, this book trenchantly brings to light many issues that for years have been marginalized by the mainstream media and restricted to disability activism. (Publisher)