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Disability, Policy and Professional Practice

SAGE Publications
Place of Publication: 
Thousand Oaks, Calif.

This is the first book on working with disabled people to take an aspirational, outcomes-focused approach to professional practice. It forms the first attempt to grapple with the massive legislative and policy shifts in the disability field in the last 15 years and provides an up-to-date, positive approach to professional practice, based on the social model of disability. The text translates both adult and childrens' disability legislation and policy guidance into positive, creative, enabling practice methods for professionals in social care, health, employment and independent living.

The book takes a practical approach that challenges professionals to confront key issues in disability studies, policy and practice. The key topics covered are the Historical Legacy, Legislation, Policy and Guidance, Community Care and Beyond, Pivotal Moments in the development of disability policy, Independent Living, Choices and Rights, Life Course Issues, Valuing Diversity, and Key Challenges for an aspiring social model practitioner.

This book is an indispensable resource for all professionals and students working with disabled people. (Publisher)