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Ethics and Research with Children: A Case-Based Approach

Oxford University Press
Place of Publication: 
New York

Fundamental questions about the morality of pediatric medical research persist despite years of debate and the establishment of strict codes of ethics. Is it ever permissible to use a child as a means to an end? How much authority should parents have over decisions about research involving their children? Should children or their parents be paid for participation in research? Most importantly, how can the twin goals of access to the benefits of clinical research and protection from research risk be reconciled?

Promoting more thoughtful attention to the complex ethical problems that arise when research involves children, this fully updated new edition of Ethics and Research with Children presents 14 case studies featuring some of the most challenging and fascinating ethical dilemmas in pediatric research. Each chapter begins with a unique case vignette, followed by rich discussion and incisive ethical analysis. Chapters represent a host of current controversies and are contributed by leading scholars from a variety of disciplines that must grapple with how to best protect children from research risk while driving innovation in the fight against childhood diseases. Chapters end with questions for discussion, providing faculty and students with accessible starting points from which to explore more in depth the thorny issues that are raised. In the final chapter, the editors provide a synthesis and summary that serve as a capstone and companion to the case-based chapters. Unique in its specific focus on research, Ethics and Research withChildren provides a balanced and thorough account of the enduring dilemmas that arise when children become research subjects, and will be essential reading for those involved with pediatric research in any context. (Publisher)