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Ethics in Research with Human Participants

American Psychological Association
Place of Publication: 
Washington, DC

In the past decade, dramatic shifts have taken place in the contexts in which research occurs. Changes in research questions, populations, methods, and society's norms have generated new ethical challenges for researchers. In response to these challenges, APA offers this book to help researchers understand the new world of ethics. Ethics in Research With Human Participants is an educational, advisory resource that promotes scientific rigor within an ethical context. Throughout, it emphasizes practical solutions to ethical problems.

In addition to laying the moral foundations of research with human participants, the examples and analyses in this book will help researchers identify conflicts of interest, plan research, recruit participants, and maintain their trust and safety. The larger aspects of managing the research process are also covered, including training researchers, dealing with authorship and intellectual property issues, working with special populations, updating protocols for institutional review boards, and managing matters of informed consent, privacy, and confidentiality. This book is a must for keeping up with the ever-shifting lines of ethical boundaries. (Publisher)