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Ethics of Emerging Technologies: Scientific Facts and Moral Challenges

Place of Publication: 
Hoboken, N.J.

An insightful guide to understanding and navigating the ethical issues faced by anyone affected by the ethical dilemmas associated with current and emerging technologies Ethics of Emerging Technologies provides the background, insight, and tools for approaching and solving ethical dilemmas across a broad range of topics. The text discusses ethical problems, using examples and reasoning tools that will aid engineers, scientists, managers, administrators, and the public who wish to understand risks, benefits, and possible approaches to resolving conflicts associated with new technologies in the context of the global community.

Solutions we choose to ethical dilemmas accompanying new technologies will profoundly affect future generations. Scientific facts and guides to decision-making for all associated with emerging technologies are presented. Some of the topics are:

Human health and environmental effects of alternative energy production methods Communications and privacy Plagiarism and authorship Genetic modification of organisms Human and animal experimentation Synthetic biology and bioterrorism Confidentiality in science, engineering, and business communications Risks and consequences of enhancing human beings through new technologies Cloning of human beings and stem cell research Brain modifications Space exploration (Publisher)