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Euthanasia Examined: Ethical, Clinical, and Legal Perspectives

Cambridge University Press
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Whether euthanasia or assisted suicide should be legalized is one of the most pressing and profound questions facing legislators, health care professionals, their patients, and all members of society. Regrettably, the debate is too often characterized by rhetoric rather than reason. This book aims to inform the debate by acquainting anyone interested in this vital question with some of the major ethical, legal, clinical and theological issues involved. The essays it contains are authoritative in that they have been commissioned from some of the world's leading experts, balanced in that they reflect divergent viewpoints (including a vigorous debate between two eminent philosophers), and readable in that they should be readily understood by the general reader.

  • Scholarly and authoritative, involving some of the world's leading experts
  • Balanced account includes representatives from both sides of the debate
  • Fully up-to-date, including the recent House of Lords select committee report (Publisher)