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Forced Exit: The Slippery Slope from Assisted Suicide to Legalized Murder

Spence Publishing Company
Place of Publication: 
Washington, D.C.

Piercing the emotionalism, fear-mongering, and euphemisms of the assisted-suicide movement, Wesley Smith's new book exposes the attempt to strip the sick and disabled of their human dignity. One of the nation's leading writers on euthanasia delivers a badly needed dose of clear thinking and genuine compassion.Through original reporting, exhaustive research, historical analysis, and extensive interviews, Smith makes a compelling case against legalizing assisted suicide. He explores the truly humane and compassionate alternatives that can change a death wish into a desire to live.

The first comprehensive response to the assisted-suicide movement, Forced Exit changed the debate when it was originally published eight years ago. Now thoroughly revised and updated to keep pace with the movement's advance, this important book provides chilling evidence of how powerful and dangerous the death culture in America has become. (Google Books)