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Hybrids, Cybrids and Chimeras: The Ethics of Interspecies Research

Armour Publishing
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In September 2010, the Bioethics Advisory Committee (BAC) of Singapore published a report entitled ‘Human-Animal Combination in Stem Cell Research’ which recommends certain forms of chimera research, especially the creation of cytoplasmic hybrid embryos. Interspecies research, which involves the mixing of human and animal genetic materials, is attractive because of its potential benefits to genetic science and medicine.

How should Christians respond to such research? Commissioned by the National Council of Churches in Singapore, Hybrids, Cybrids, and Chimeras explores the theological and ethical implications of interspecies research from a Christian perspective. About the National Council of Churches of Singapore The National Council of Churches of Singapore (NCCS) is an association of churches and Christian organisations. It brings together the major Christian denominations and churches in Singapore. One of its objects is to form Christian public opinion and to bring it to bear on the moral, social, national and international issues of the day, particularly those which may affect the life and welfare of the people of Singapore. (Publisher)