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If I Were a Rich Man Could I Buy a Pancreas? And Other Essays on the Ethics of Health Care

Indiana University Press
Place of Publication: 
Bloomington, IN

"An important contribution to a debate that will continue for some time." —Health and Canadian Society

"Insightful and thought-provoking. . . . As Caplan has demonstrated so clearly . . . we would all be better off if the ethicists spoke first and not last." —The Washington Post

"Caplan's views are important and instructive. . . . [This] book represents some of his best work." —New England Journal of Medicine

"Caplan's [book] is thought provoking, insightful, and well argued. I recommend it highly." —The Journal of the American Medical Association

" . . . a generously illustrated discourse on method in medical and practical ethics." —Ethics

A member of the President's Task Force on National Health Care Reform examines some of the most controversial biomedical issues of our time. (Publisher)