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Making Health Policy

Open University Press
Place of Publication: 
Berkshire, U.K.

Part of the Understanding Public Health series, this newly revised edition of Making Health Policy has been updated to cover and aid the analysis of significant political and health policy developments since the publication of the second edition in 2012.

The new edition includes a greater diversity of expertise and perspectives and reflects the latest research and thinking about how to do health policy analysis, including a new focus on issues such as the role of values in health policy, policy making in response to climatic and environmental change, and the growing importance of social media in the policy process.

The new edition also draws on the COVID-19 pandemic and its response to highlight key aspects of the health policy process. The book, nonetheless, maintains the strengths of earlier editions that have made it popular with students, practitioners, policy makers, and teachers of health policy through its accessible style, comprehensive nature, use of empirical case studies from low- to high-income countries and range of learning resources. (Publisher)