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Management of Post-Mortem Pregnancy: Legal and Philosophical Aspects

Place of Publication: 
New York

Recent advances in medical technology have provided healthcare staff with the possibility of maintaining the life of a brain-dead pregnant woman on life-support in order to achieve successful delivery of the foetus. Management of Post-Mortem Pregnancy examines the legal and ethical difficulties surrounding such post-mortem management. Offering practical guidance based on a combined analysis of similar situations that affect pregnant women's lifestyle and physical condition and of the legal framework of pregnancy clauses in advance directive legislation, the volume considers pregnant women's obligations towards their foetuses. It discusses the main moral, legal, psychological, religious, spiritual and physical aspects of the question on the interests of dead people, as well as the jurisprudential question of the foetus' interests. The book will be a valuable guide for all those involved with the decision-making process of such tragic cases. It will also be of wider use to anyone with an interest in legal, ethical and bio-medical issues. (Publisher)