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Medical Ethics and the Faith Factor: A Handbook for Clergy and Health Care Professionals

Eerdmans Publishing Company
Place of Publication: 
Grand Rapids

Clinical ethics is a relatively new discipline within medicine, generated not so much by the Can we . . . ? questions of fact and prognosis that physicians usually address, but primarily by the more uncomfortable gray areas having to do with Should we . . . ? questions: / Should we use a feeding tube for Mom? / How should we deal with our baby about to be born with life-threatening anomalies? / Should our son be taken off dialysis, even though he'll die without it? / What should we do with our mentally ill sister, who has proven that she is untreatable? / In this book Robert Orr draws on his extensive medical knowledge and experience to offer a wealth of guidance regarding real-life dilemmas in clinical ethics. Replete with instructive case studies, Medical Ethics and the Faith Factor is an invaluable resource that reintroduces the human element to a discussion so often detached from the very people it claims to concern. (Publisher)