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Medical Ethics: Sources of Catholic Teachings

Georgetown University Press
Place of Publication: 
Washington, D.C.

In a single convenient resource, this revised and updated edition of a classic text organizes and presents clearly the documents of the Catholic Church pertaining to medical ethics. In the first part of the book introductory chapters provide the context for interpreting the Church's teachings and theological values, guiding the reader in how to apply the teachings to particular ethical dilemmas and helping the reader to understand the role of conscience within the Catholic tradition. The second part of the book examines specific teachings of the Church on over seventy issues in clinical and research ethics, including abortion, AIDS, artificial insemination, assistated suicide, cloning, contraception, euthanasia, gene therapy, health care reform, organ donation and transplantation, organizational ethics, stem cells, surrogate motherhood, and withholding and withdrawing life support. O'Rourke and Boyle bring this fourth edition up to the present day by incorporating recent papal documents regarding assent to church teaching and the 2008 papal instruction, Dignitas Personae (The Dignity of a Person), an extremely influential document that illuminates such controversial dilemmas as pre-natal adoption, frozen embryos, and genetic diagnosis. The editors also incorporate several recent encyclicals of Pope Benedict XVI that address the social aspects of health care. The teaching of the Church in regard to health care ethics is pertinent not only for health care professionals and students, but for all who are concerned about the common good of society. (Publisher)