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New Dimensions in Bioethics: Science, Ethics, and the Formation of Public Policy

Place of Publication: 
New York

In the last three decades, bioethics has matured into a field  of study with several areas of concentration, including medical  ethics, environmental ethics and more recently, genetic ethics. For  reasons related to both the developmental history of the subject and  to the poignancy of the problems presented, most textbooks and  collections of essays have dealt with only a single area, medical  ethics. In fact, to many not in the field, the word bioethics has  become synonymous with medical ethics. The aim of this collection of  essays, entitled New Dimensions in Bioethics: Science, Ethics  and the Formation of Public Policy, is to enlarge this  restrictive vision of the field as it is usually studied at  universities. By combining essays relevant to medical ethics with  companion essays on environmental ethics and genetic ethics, the book  emphasizes similarities in the methods of analysis used in diverse  bioethical problems, whether dealing with genes, with people or the  environment. In this way, New Dimensions in Bioethics:  Science, Ethics and the Formation of Public Policy, hopes to  contribute to the intellectual unity of the subject and to suggest  changes in the way bioethics can be taught and studied at both the  graduate and undergraduate level. (Publisher)