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Organ Farm: Pig to Human Transplants—Medical Miracle or Genetic Time Bomb?

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Xenotransplantation; modem miracle or genetic time bomb? With the help of generically modified animals, scientists believe it is possible to transplant pig organs into human bodies, saving thousands of lives every year. But the potential risks are enormous. One transplant could be enough to cause a modern plague as a new disease crosses the species barrier. The authors follow the lives of patients whose lives were transformed when they received pig brain cell implants, and explore the tragic results of certain operations when humans became exposed to diseases for which they have no defense. They visit the world's first organ farm of transgenic pigs and talk to doctors and scientists who work under the burden of knowledge that what they do could save lives or possibly unleash a new plague upon the world.Tied to a two-part television documentary sure to cause passionate debate, this book reveals the full story of the incredible scientific research into, xenotransplantation and explores its pros and cons. (Publisher)