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Reducing Maternal Mortality: Learning from Bolivia, China, Egypt, Honduras, Indonesia, Jamaica, and Zimbabwe

The World Bank
Place of Publication: 
Washington, DC

The stimulus of this study was the question as to whether current program strategies can reduce maternal mortality quicker than in the historically successful countries for Malaysia and Sari Lanka. Through cases studies, research and analysis of extent data of safe motherhood programs in seven countries, the answer is yes: lessons learned concern six factors associated with recent success in reducing maternal mortality. This book provides a thorough analysis of factors reducing maternal mortality through three retrospective case studies in China, Honduras and Zimbabwe; and four research studies in Bolivia, Egypt, Indonesia, and Jamaica. Reduction of maternal mortality has now become an explicit focus of many programs. Where such is targeted, and strategies adapted to address the local barriers to move women into appropriate care for birth has resulted, this has impacted on the reported maternal mortality. (Amazon)