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Stem Cells

Place of Publication: 
New York

This accessibly written book explores the different types of stem cells, their current and potential future medical applications, and the many controversies that surround their creation and use.

Whether from adults or embryos, stem cells have the potential to develop into many other types of cells—an ability that makes them potentially invaluable for curing a wide variety of diseases and disorders. And while some stem cell treatments are already in use today and have achieved remarkable results, the use of such cells continues to be clouded in controversy.

This second edition of Steam Cells offers a wealth of new information and features. Coverage of research breakthroughs in the past decade has been added, including descriptions of recently discovered types of stem cells and stem cell therapies. In addition to addressing ethical and scientific controversies, the book also addresses issues such as the discrepancy between the public's expectations for regenerative medicine and current medical realities. Also new in this edition is a collection of case studies, each of which helps to make the topics discussed in the book more accessible to readers. (Publisher)