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The Biblical Basis for the Sanctity of Life and the Inviolability of Man

Cedarville College
Place of Publication: 
Cedarville, OH

This booklet was written to provide a biblical reference guide on the subject of the sanctity of life. The author has discovered from his involvement in the pro-life movement and as an educator in Christian higher education that many who hold to the Judeo-Christian worldview consider themselves to be “pro-life” but have difficulty defining and defending the biblical basis for their position. The sanctity of life is a central tenet of the Judeo-Christian belief system and is based on the biblical truth that life is created by God and therefore is sacred, special and worthy of protection. Human life is to be completely inviolable and secure from violation, assault or trespass, and man, the only earthly creature who bears the image of the Creator himself, has been given the responsibility to care for and protect all life, both human and non-human. However, today we find that man in many ways has failed in this stewardship responsibility and this has led to the devaluation of both human and non-human life. This brief booklet can be used in a variety of ways, but is primarily meant to be a reference guide to show how man holds the key to preventing the devaluation of life. The ten principles and their associated Scriptures are the most important parts of the booklet. The list of Scripture references is not meant to be exhaustive. There are additional passages that can be found to support each principle. The explanatory narrative is meant to stimulate thinking and help connect concepts. (Amazon)