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The Evangelical Round Table: The Sanctity of Life (Volume 3)

Eastern College and Eastern Baptist Seminary
Place of Publication: 
St Davids, PA

Sanctity of Life is an all-encompassing issue. It is also a most difficult issue to discuss since virtually every aspect has its own passionate adherents. The passion exists at every point of the spectrum. Subjects such as abortion, war, capital punishment, euthanasia have strongly felt Christian points of view on all sides of the topic. Human dignity, far from a transcendent concept, has become a very complex, potentially divisive set of issues for the evangelical community today. Legal, medical, social, psychological, as well as biblical and spiritual ramifications make the subject of sanctity of life both complex and volatile. It is within this context that we presented our fourth Evangelical Round Table in June of 1987. This is a journal of that fourth meeting and the third such journal to be printed. (Amazon)