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The Nature of Our Humanity: Ethical Issues in Genetics and Biotechnology

Fortress Press
Place of Publication: 
Minneapolis, MN

This book addresses a current, frontline issue in the perennial exchange between science and religion. Jersild surveys the contemporary scene in genetic research and the visionary goals of a number of scientists concerning the human future.  He focuses on human identity - "Who Are We?" - as the critical question, first addressing our biological origins in light of evolution and presenting a holistic understanding of human nature.  He then turns to the world of biotechnology and the tension between human limitations and human potential in light of prospective genetic enhancements.  The implications of genetic engineering, the impact of pharmacology, and the human desire for perfection and immortality all enter into a volatile mix of ideas and aspirations concerning the human future.  Jersild brings a Christian perspective to these developments in spelling out a responsible stance. (Publisher)