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The Pursuit of Perfection: The Promise and Perils of Medical Enhancement

Penguin Random House
Place of Publication: 
New York

What does it mean to live in a time when medical science can not only cure the human body but also reshape it?  How should we as individuals and as a society respond to new drugs and genetic technologies?  Sheila and David Rothman address these troubling questions with a singular blend of history and analysis, taking us behind the scenes to explain how scientific research, medical practice, drug company policies, and a quest for peak performance combine to exaggerate potential benefits and minimize risks.  The Rothmans bring an authoritative clarity to a subject often obscured by rumor, commerce and inadequate reporting,  revealing just what happens when physicians view patients’ unhappiness and dissatisfaction with their bodies–short stature, thunder thighs, aging–as though they were diseases to be treated. (Publisher)