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The Search for an AIDS Vaccine: Ethical Issues in the Development and Testing of a Preventive HIV Vaccine

Indiana University Press
Place of Publication: 
Bloomington, IN

"The book is a balanced and comprehensive treatment of an important social issue. It is accessible to the general reader and belongs in public as well as academic libraries." —Religious Studies Review

"Painstaking analysis of the knotty ethical problems involved in human-subjects research, and a well-thought-out proposal for a community approach to conducting field trials for an HIV vaccine. . . . Highly recommended for medical ethicists and anyone concerned about the AIDS epidemic and how HIV research is conducted." —Kirkus Reviews

" . . . a carefully reasoned account of how research for and trial of a preventive vaccine differ from the methods used to discover a therapy." —Booklist

"I highly recommend reading this book which I would attest to be a thrilling, ethically challenging, and informative descent into the allopathic solution." —Ryan Hosken, Bastyr University Library Newsletter

"As the scientific effort to produce an efficacious vaccine continues, [Grady's] work provides an ethical compass that will guide us well, regardless of where phase III HIV vaccine trials ultimately occur." —Journal of the American Medical Association

"Highly recommended . . . " —AIDS Book Review Journal

"A remarkable treatment of a most difficult and complex subject . . . Grady's book is of special merit because it is simple, readable, and understandable, while conveying in-depth perceptions that are critical to the reader. A useful and essential reference work for those who would engage in the initiative to bring about a resolution of a mighty human health problem." —Maurice R. Hilleman, Ph.D., D.Sc., Director, Merck Institute for Therapeutic Research

"Dr. Grady's important study captures the complexity of the search for an AIDS vaccine with startling clarity. Her insights into the full range of forces that shape our national response to AIDS vaccine development should read like signposts to vaccinologists, AIDS community activists, and most importantly, the Public Health Service. An impressive contribution." —Derek Hodel, Gay Men's Health Crisis

"This book is recommended to medical ethicists, those involved in non-HIV vaccine trials, and all persons involved in HIV vaccine trials, including investigators, sponsors, study subjects and communities at risk." —Journal of Health Politics, Policy and Law

The creation of a vaccine now seems the best hope for controlling AIDS. Yet developing and testing an HIV vaccine raises a host of difficult ethical issues. These concerns are the focus of this timely and important book. Essential reading for everyone interested in ethics and the conduct of HIV vaccine research. (Publisher)