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The Tracks We Leave: Ethics & Management Dilemmas in Healthcare

Health Administration Press
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Instructor Resources: PowerPoint slides, discussion questions, and mini-cases for breakout group analysis.

Through a series of timely and relevant cases based on real-life experiences, this book explores the kinds of management dilemmas and moral challenges that confront healthcare managers on a day-to-day basis. Good management requires making morally sound decisions and understanding the ethical implications for your organization, community, patients, and your career. In this updated edition, readers will explore the interrelatedness of ethics and management and common barriers to ethical decisions. In-depth analyses of cases and strategic discussions bring to life these complex issues: Diversity management Information technology Disaster planning Medical errors Physician impairment Conflict of interest Sexual harassment and gender discrimination Workforce reduction Mergers Conflicting moral demands

This practical guide gives direction and guidance to help healthcare managers at all levels of the organization build an ethical culture, advocate a business case for ethics that addresses structural issues, and adopt an ethical decision-making model for the organization. (Publisher)