The Leader's Guide for Does God Need Our Help? Cloning, Assisted Suicide, & Other Challenges in Bioethics is produced and made available by The Center for Bioethics & Human Dignity. This resource is a companion to the Center sponsored book,  Does God Need Our Help?  Cloning, Assisted Suicide, & Other Challenges in Bioethics by John F. Kilner and C. Ben Mitchell (Tyndale House, 2003), ISBN 0-8423-7446-9. The book is an introduction to bioethical issues written for a popular audience, and includes both a listing of recommended readings and discussion questions. The Leader's Guide produced by the Center is supplements the content in the book by offering updates to the recommended readings, relevant online resources provided by the Center, and guidance in how to use the book as the basis for an adult education or Sunday school study. While the book is no longer actively in print, copies are typically available through online booksellers, or churches may contact the Center to inquire about bulk purchases (847.317.8180 or

Audience Level for Book Study: Adult/Teen, Introductory

Topics Included: competing approaches to bioethics; the unique contribution of Christian bioethics; abortion & stem cell research; end-of-life care and resource allocation; assisted reproductive technology & infertility; human cloning; challenges from emerging technologies and other biotechnologies.

# of Lessons: 10

The Leader's Guide was last updated in March 2014.