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Jon Holmlund, MD, MA

Jon Holmlund, MD, MA

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Jon Holmlund, MD is a follower of Jesus Christ, worshipping in the Presbyterian Church in America (PCA).  He is a native of Western New York State who earned a BA, majoring in philosophy, from Amherst College and an MD from SUNY-Buffalo.  After postgraduate medical training in Internal Medicine and Medical Oncology, Dr. Holmlund pursued a career in oncology drug development, first in the National Cancer Institute, then as an employee of and consultant to private biopharmaceutical companies, retiring from that work at the end of 2022.  During part of that time he also served as Medical Director for Aspire Independent Review Board (now a subsidiary of WIRB Copernicus Group).  In 2015 he received the MA in Bioethics from Trinity International University (TIU) and was a regular contributor to the TIU bioethics blog from 2011 to 2020.  His principal areas of interest and concern within bioethics are assisted suicide, heritable human genome editing, and the ethics of pursuing “gender-affirming” treatment of minors, in addition to an enduring interest in the ethics of human subject research.  Dr. Holmlund and his wife of 34 years have two adult, married sons, and they eagerly await the imminent advent of their first two grandchildren in 2023.  He is an avid golfer who considers himself a charter member of the Bad Golf Association (BGA).

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