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Roberto Andorno, JD, JSD

Roberto Andorno, JD, JSD


Roberto Andorno, JD, JSD, is Associate Professor of Biomedical Law and Bioethics at the School of Law of the University of Zurich, Switzerland, and Research Fellow at the Institute of Biomedical Ethics of the same University, where he also coordinates the PhD Program in Biomedical Ethics and Law. Originally from Argentina, he holds doctoral degrees in law from the Universities of Buenos Aires (1991) and Paris-Est (1994), both on topics related to the ethical and legal aspects of assisted reproductive technologies. Between 1995 and 1998 he was Adjunct Professor of Civil Law at the University of Buenos Aires, Argentina. Thereafter, he was a research fellow at the School of Philosophy of the Laval University, Quebec, Canada (1999), Humboldt Foundation fellow and Visiting Professor at the Institute of Medical Ethics of the University of Göttingen, Germany (2001-2002) and postdoc fellow at the International Centre for Ethics in the Sciences of the University of Tübingen, Germany (2004-2005).

From 1998 to 2005 Roberto served as a member of the International Bioethics Committee (IBC) of UNESCO as representative of Argentina, and participated in this capacity in the drafting of the International Declaration on Human Genetic Data (2003) and of the Universal Declaration on Bioethics and Human Rights (2005). In 2008 he acted as Rapporteur for the Bioethics Committee of the Council of Europe, with a Report on advance health care directives in European comparative law. Between 2014 and 2016 he was President of the European Society for Philosophy of Medicine and Health Care (ESPMH), which is the main academic society in Europe discussing the ethical and legal issues that arise in the medical field.

Roberto’s main research interests include the role of human dignity in bioethics and law, the human rights approach to bioethics, end of life issues, reproductive technologies, neuroscience and law, and human germline editing technologies. He has published extensively on issues at the interface between bioethics, philosophy and human rights law, notably Bioética y dignidad de la persona (Madrid, 2012), and Principles of international biolaw. Seeking common ground at the intersection of bioethics and human rights (Brussels, 2013).

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