Bioengagement - Fall-Winter 2022

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The Institute: A Novel (Stephen King, 2020). 
Research Ethics, Human Enhancement, Morality, Horror/Sci-Fi

Codename: Freedom - Vanguard (Apollos Thorne, 2022). 
Metaverse, Artificial Intelligence, Nature of the Human Person, Sci-Fi

Station Eleven (Emily St. John Mandel, 2014)
Pandemics, Human Dignity, Relationship Between Humanity and Technology, Post-Apocalyptic/Sci-Fi

Bioethics at the Box Office 

Morbius (Columbia Pictures/Marvel Entertainment, 2022, PG-13 for intense sequences of violence, some frightening images, and brief strong language). 
Biochemistry, Genetic Alteration, Genetic Ethics, Horror/Sci-Fi

Avatar: The Way of Water (20th Century Studies, 2022, Not Yet Rated) 
Emerging Technology, Genetic Ethics, Neuroethics, Sci-Fi

The Father (Lionsgate, 2021)
Dementia, Human Dignity, Memory Loss, Psychological Drama

Primetime Bioethics

The Peripheral (Amazon, 2022)
Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Human Enhancement, Sci-Fi

Bioethics: The Dilemma of Modern Medicine (One Day University/Dreamscape, 2021)
Global Biomedical Research, Beginning and End of Life, Reproductive Technologies, Transplantation, Genetics/Genome Research, Lecture 

The Silent Sea (Netflix, 2021) 
Research Ethics, Genetic Modification, Cloning, Korean Sci-Fi