Bioengagements (Fall 2023)

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The Country of the Blind: A Memoir at the End of Sight

(Andrew Leland, 2023).

Disability, Ableism, Medicine, Technology.


(M. T. Anderson, 2012).

Technology, Consumeristic Manipulation, Loss of Human Autonomy, Environmental Destruction 

Some People Need Killing: A Memoir of Murder in My Country

(Patricia Evangelista, 2023).

Betrayal of Human Dignity, Governmentally Sanctioned Murder.

Bioethics at the Box Office

The Creator

(Hulu, 2023).

Artificial Intelligence, Biotechnology, The Nature of Consciousness


(Elevation Pictures, 2023).

Technology, Capitalistic Corruption, Corporate Greed

The Bleeding Edge

(Netflix, 2018).

Medical Device Industry, Corporate Greed, Research Ethics


(Netflix, 2023).

Racially Charged Power Dynamics in Healthcare, Mental Health

Primetime Bioethics

Dr. Death

(Peacock, 2021).

Medical Malpractice, Breaches of Hippocratic Oath, Infringement of Informed Consent, Falsification of Medical and Scientific Research

Virgin River

(Netflix 2019-Present)

Rural Medicine, Loss, Community, Mental Health 

The Amazing Digital Circus

(YouTube, 2023)

Virtual Reality, The Nature of Consciousness, Human Meaning Making