Biofiction - Winter 2011

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Fiction is a powerful medium for raising issues and dilemma sin medicine, science, and technology. Readers are cautioned that these works represent a variety of genres and may not be appropriate for all audiences. If you have suggestions for inclusion in this column, please email us 

Fiction Series:

Card, OrsonScott.

Ender’s Game Series (also referred to as The Ender Saga and The Shadow Saga)

           Ender’s Game (1985).

           Speakerfor the Dead (1986).


           Childrenof the Mind (1996).

           Ender’sShadow (1999).

           Shadowof the Hegemon (2001).

           ShadowPuppets (2002).

           Shadowof the Giant (2005).

           Ender in Exile (2008).

A sci-fi series for young adults. Amidst the evolving storyline the series raises a number of issues related to technology and the complexities of their personal and societal implications. (Topics: Reproductive Technology, Genetic Engineering, Human Enhancement, Artificial Intelligence and Personhood, and Radical Life Extension)


Wilson, Daniel. Robopocalypse: A Novel. New York: Doubleday, 2011. [Interested readers who enjoy this volume may also like Daniel Wilson, How to Survive a Robot Uprising: Tips on Defending Yourself against the Coming Rebellion (New York: Bloomsbury, 2005).]

Robopocalypse chronicles the birth and escape of an artificial intelligence named Archos on through the robot uprising at zero hour and to humanity’s passionate fight for liberation from the ensuing robotic oppression. (Topics: Artificial Intelligence, Cyborgs, Human-Computer Interface, Human Enhancement, Neuroethics, Personhood, and Transhumanism)