Center News - Fall 2003

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Director of Development Position Available

CBHD has established a Director of Development position, for which it is currently receiving applications. The Director will be responsible for the fundraising work of a healthy, growing national ministry. Some development experience is necessary, and the position may be either full-time or part-time. Please spread the word! Applicants may apply or obtain more information by contacting or sending a resume to Don Van Dyke at

CBHD Partners with AMA to Provide Case Study Analysis

The clinical ethics aspect of the Center’s work will soon expand its influence to a broader audience. CBHD has negotiated an arrangement with the Ethics Institute at the American Medical Association to allow CBHD fellows involved in clinical ethics to write responses to the monthly clinical ethics case posted on the AMA’s “Virtual Mentor” webpage. CBHD’s Clinical Ethics Director Robert Orr will coordinate and edit the case commentaries, which will begin to be posted in the near future. Dr. Orr stated that,”Our goal is not to criticize the other commentaries posted, or to offer simplistic answers, but to reflect on true dilemmas from a Christian perspective and then present analysis and recommendations in a manner that will be credible in a secular forum.” Respondents include Dan Beals, Bob Cranston, Paul Hoehner, Steve Nelson, Greg Rutecki, Martha Twaddle, and Nick Yates. Links to the AMA case studies and our responses will be available at

CBHD Completes Strategic Planning Process

The Center has just completed an extensive strategic planning process in order to enable the best possible engagement of the bioethical challenges before us. Catalyzed by a foundation grant and with the help of a strategic planning consultant, the process helped the Center to zero in on the most effective ways to educate a critical mass of leaders, facilitate the work of thinkers, and populate the media and other significant forums with credible, catalytic voices for human dignity.