Center News - Summer 2003

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Foundation Funding Obtained for Major Projects

‘Theology of Biotechnology”: The Center has received a foundation grant to enable examination of the deeper issues that shape the way biotechnology develops, both for better and for worse. The project will fund a team of scholars in theology and bioethics who will examine how people’s overall worldview and views of human dignity, human community, science, and medicine do and should shape their positions on biotech issues. Some of the first fruits 0f this research will be presented at the Center’s nation al/international biotech ethics conference to be held July 17-19,2003 in the Chicago area. A wide range of resources will also flow from this work.

“Remaking Humanity?”: Another foundation has provided a grant enabling an international (RHO team to evaluate emerging efforts to design human beings to be the way people want them to be. This project will focus on enhancing human beings through drug intervention, through genetic intervention, and through mechanical intervention (especially via cybernetics and nanotechnology(. Some of the first fruits of this effort will also be featured at the July biotech ethics conference, and various educational resources will later become available. The project is designed to inform scientific research, clinical application, and the development of relevant public policy

Center Hires New Administrative Assistant, Internet Assistant

The Center has hired Vicki Hsu as its new administrative assistant and Christopher Schwab as a part-time Internet assistant. Vicki will be directly assisting many of you who contact the Center seeking information. Chris will be helping maintain the Center’s array of websites, including,, and stemcell If you have material you think he should be aware of please email him at