Center News - Summer 2005

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Topic-Specific Networking at July Conference

Although the title of this years summer bioethics conference is Genetic & Reproductive Ethics there will be topics of interest covering a broad range of issues both in paper presentations and in the newly created category of Topic Specific Networking Sessions. Papers will cover a wide range of issues while the topic specific sessions will cover such issues as: End-ofLife, Healthcare Organization, Economics, Reproductive Tech, Alternative Medicine, Complementary Healthcare, Genetics, Neuroethics, Emerging Technologies, Stem Cell Research, Cloning, and Clinical Ethics.

Taiwan Conference Update

The Chinese Christian Medical Mission in Taiwan held its second annual ethics conference on euthanasia and hospice on April 16 at MacKay Hospital, the largest Christian hospital in Taiwan. Dr. Curtis Chang said that of the more than 350 people in attendance, there were also “some important government officials who are responsible for health care policies.” Dr. Robert Orr, Director of Clinical Ethics at CBHD gave the keynote address on “The History and Current Status of Euthanasia.” He reflected, “The quality of the theological and clinical presentations was excellent. I thoroughly enjoyed the Chinese hospitality and the opportunity to interact with Christian colleagues from another culture.”

Presidential Search Update

As was announced previously, CBHD President John Kilner will be strategically shifting his focus to a new role with CBHD and an expanded role with Trinity International University. Dr. Kilner will continue to be actively involved in CBHD’s vital work in the newly created position of Senior Scholar. With TIU he will concentrate on equipping tomorrow’s Christian bioethics leadership through teaching, research, and writing as the Forman Chair for Christian Ethics and Theology, and through helping to build the TIU bioethics degree programs.

Since Dr. Kilner’s transition will occur this July, a search is in progress for a new President. More information is available on our web site, along with profiles of the Center and the President position.

CBHD continues to actively seek presidential candidates. Applications will be received until the position is filled. Interested people may send a cover letter and resume or CV to the Presidential Search Committee via email to