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Selected Books

Life's Worth: The Case Against Assisted Suicide

Arthur J. Dyck, Mary a Saltonstall Professor if Population Ethics, Harvard University

This is an excerpt from the book:

“As a standard for judging behavior, sacredness of life is a particular way of characterizing the worth of human life. That a human life is sacred means that the worth of it is beyond calculation, that is, incalculable. One can glean this from what is said about the sanctity of life in law. An individual’s life is to be protected in every imaginable circumstance....What can make killing morally wrong [in the context of physician assisted suicide], then, is that human life, the one killed, is treated as living a life that has little or no worth, rather than as one living a life of incalculable worth and as having a right to be treated accordingly. If laws were permitted to embody the idea that in some circumstances life loses its worth, or that some people lack sufficient worth to have their lives protected, individuals would no longer enjoy equal protection of the law so far as their lives are concerned.” 110 pp.

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BioEngagement: Making a Christian Difference Through Bioethics Today

This book sets forth a vision of Christian leadership in public policy, addresses the reciprocal effect of bioethics and culture, and offers timely strategies for impacting today’s society on issues central to human life and dignity. It takes seriously the Christian man date to engage today’s contemporary culture on the crucial issues raised by biotechnology. 265 pp.

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Cutting-Edge Bioethics: A Christian Exploration of Technologies and Trends

John F Kilner; C. Christopher Hook, and Diann B. Uustal (editors)

This book provides a faith-based evaluation of recent technologies and trends in bioethics—including the current debate surrounding stem cell research, artificial intelligence, and more. These issues—and the ethical questions they raise—are evaluated from a Christian perspective by notable scholars and medical practitioners, thereby providing a helpful orientation to biotechnology for anyone wishing to learn more about the challenging ethical dilemmas in this ever-advancing field. 201 pp.

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Alternative Medicine

96-page booklet includes answers to questions such as "Is using acupuncture or herbal remedies an acceptable therapy?"


End of Life Decisions

89-page booklet includes answers to questions such as "Should suffering be avoided at all costs?" Code#B202

Reproductive Technology

77-page booklet includes answers to questions such as "Is it ok to use fertility drugs or in vitro fertilization?"


Suicide and Euthanasia

80-page booklet includes answers to questions such as "How does human dignity relate to the taking of the human life?"


Featured Speakers' Resources

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Nancy Jones, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor of Pathology, Wake Forest University School of Medicine

Transgenic (Hybrid) Human/Animals

Underscores the need for the Church to address the ethical implications of creating organisms that contain both human and animal genetic material.


C. Ben Mitchell, Ph.D.

Professor of Bioethics and Contemporary Culture, Trinity Evangelical Divinity School

The Church’s Divine Mandate for Cultural Engagement

Suggests a balanced model for the Church’s cultural engagement with particular reference to bioethical concerns.

Code#A520, V509

Francis Cardinal George, O.M.I.

Archbishop of Chicago, IL

Christian Vision for Moral Decisions in Bioethics

Reviews the contemporary dialogue between biological science and Christian faith, provides a vision of the body, and develops principles for further dialogue between science and faith concerning bioethics.

Code#A612, V603

Nancy Pearcey, MA.

Senior Fellow, Discovery Institute, Center for the Renewal of Science & Culture

Technology in Biblical/Historical Context

Explains the inability of most people to justify their moral intuitions about technology and the apologetic opportunity that creates.


Robert Evans, Ph.D., Ph.D.

Director; Veritas Institute for the Study of Bioethics and Public Values

Toward a Christian Perspective on the Moral and Theological Status of Early Embryos

Inquires to whom early embryos belong and how they should be treated when their genetic parents can’t/don’t implant them.

Code#A405, PC405

Samuel Casey, J.D.

Executive Director & CEO, Christian Legal Society

How the Law Shapes People’s Views

Illustrates the influence of the law by examining the law’s approach to stem cell research and in vitro fertilization.

Code#A506, V502