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Selected Resources

Advance Directive Kit

• Sample Advance Directive Form & Instructions (simple and easy to understand)

• Dr. John Kilner’s Article “Don’t Wait to Make Your End-of-Life Wishes Known”

• BioBasics Booklet Basic Questions on End of Life Decisions

This kit is very helpful for answering many questions about end-of-life decisions, and it offers a way for you and your loved ones to prepare for the possibility of becoming unable to make critical medical decisions on your own.

Code# P009 M price: $9.60 NM price: $12

The Pill: Addressing the Scientific and Ethical Questions of the Abortifacient Issue

Linda K. Bevington and Russell DiSilvestro (editors) A collection of material addressing both sides of the abortifacient controversy, as well as the broader implications of pill use. Includes FAQ’s, position statements of major Christian organizations, and an annotated bibliography. 198 pages.

Code# P008 M price: $15.20 NM price: $19

Does God Need Our Help? Cloning, Assisted Suicide, & Other Challenges in Bioethics

John F. Kilner, C. Ben Mitchell

This book discusses critical bedside and biotech challenges in an easily readable way, informs readers of the newest advances in biotechnology, and clearly states the biblical principles by which Christians can evaluate biotechnologies and health care. It also offers discussion questions after each chapter. 233 pages.

Code# B305 M price: $8.80 NM price: $11

Cutting-Edge Bioethics: A Christian Exploration of Technologies and Trends

John F. Kilner, C. Christopher Hook, and Diann B. Uustal (editors) This book provides a faith-based evaluation of recent technologies and trends in bioethics — including the current debate over stem cell research, artificial intelligence, and more. These issues — and the ethical questions they raise — are evaluated from a Christian perspective by notable scholars and medical practitioners. 201 pages.

Code# B008 M price: $17.60 NM price: $22

Special Audio Set Offer!

From CBHD’s March 2004 Regional Conference in Chicago, IL

Life Matters: A Bioethics Revolution

Why Life Matters

Erwin Lutzer, D.D.

Describes biotech challenges and implores the church to educate itself and the world.

Code# CS03

God’s Perspective on Life Matters

C. Ben Mitchell, Ph.D.

Gives theological response to how emerging technologies affect human dignity.

Code# CS04

38 Ways to Make A Baby

Susan Haack, M.D.

Discusses the meaning of marriage and the challenges of reproductive technologies.

Code# CS05

Successful Aging: Living the End of Life to the Glory of God

John Dunlop, M.D.

Challenges the Church to re-evaluate the role it gives senior citizens.

Code# CS06

Wrestling With Infertility

C. Ben Mitchell, Ph.D.

Gives a theological response to the phsychological, emotional and physical pain of infertility.

Code# CS07

The Birth Control Pill and Beyond

Linda Bevington, M.A., Hans Madueme, M.D.

Offers a theological framework for assessing contraception and considers the scientific/ethical debate surrounding the question of whether the pill can cause abortions.

Code# CS09

Life Matters CD Set

Contains all 6 CDs

Code# CSET12

M price: $33.60 NM price: $42