Covid-19 Timeline December 2020—May 2021

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December 2020

·     December 2: “Covid-19: Pfizer/BioNTech Vaccine Judged Safe for Use in UK from Next Week” (BBC)

·     December 2: “Moderna Plans to Begin Testing Its Coronavirus Vaccine in Children” (The New York Times)

·     December 7: “Facebook Bans False Claims About COVID-19 Vaccines” (Medscape)

·     December 8: “CDC Urges Universal Mask Wearing for First Time” (Medscape)

·     December 9: “Canada Approves First COVID-19 Vaccine, Expects Inoculations Next Week” (Reuters)

·     December 10: “F.D.A. Advisory Panel Gives Green Light to Pfizer Vaccine” (The New York Times)

·     December 18: “Moderna COVID-19 Vaccine Wins Decisive Recommendation from FDA Panel” (Medscape)

·     December 21: “Chinese and Russian Vaccines Remain Unproven–But Desperate Countries Plan to Use Them Anyway” (The Washington Post)

·     December 30: “China Clamps Down in Hidden Hunt for Coronavirus Origins” (Associated Press)

·     December 31: “With Limited Surveillance of Covid-19 Variant, It’s Deja Vu All Over Again” (STAT News)

January 2021

·     January 6: “Blood Plasma Reduces Risk of Severe Covid-19 if Given Early” (The New York Times)

·     January 8: “Vaccine Rollout Hits Snag as Health Workers Balk at Shots” (ABC News)

·     January 18: “WHO: Just 25 Covid Vaccine Doses Administered in Low-Income Countries” (The Guardian)

·     January 20: “Covid Trials for Kids Get Started with First Results by Mid-2021” (Bloomberg)

·     January 21: “Lilly: Drug Can Prevent COVID-19 Illness in Nursing Homes” (Associated Press)

·     January 22: “CDC Reports Rare Allergic Reactions to Moderna’s Covid-19 Vaccine” (STAT News)

·     January 25: “Exclusive: AstraZeneca to Supply 31 Million COVID-19 Shots to EU in First Quarter, a 60% Cut–EU Source” (Reuters)

·     January 25: “In a Major Setback, Merk to Stop Developing Its Two Covid-19 Vaccines and Focus on Therapies” (STAT News)

·     January 28: “Virus Variant from South Africa Detected in US for 1st Time” (Associated Press)

·     January 29: “New COVID Cases Plunge 25% or More as Behavior Changes” (Medscape)

February 2021

·     February 2: “Covid Deaths Are Starting to Drop in Every Part of the U.S.” (Bloomberg)

·     February 5: “States Shift COVID Vaccine from Long-Term Care to General Public” (Medscape)

·     February 8: “New Variants Raise Worry About COVID-19 Virus Reinfections” (Associated Press)

·     February 9: “US FDA Gearing Up for Rapid Review of Potential COVID-19 Booster Shots” (Reuters)

·     February 11: “FDA Grants Emergency Use to Monoclonal Antibody Combo for COVID” (Medscape)

·     February 11: “COVID Deaths in Africa Jump 40% in One Month: WHO” (Medical Xpress)

·     February 15: “You Think the U.S. Has Vaccine Issues? 130 Countries Haven’t Even Started Vaccinating” (NPR)

·     February 16: “North Korea Accused of Hacking Pfizer for Covid-19 Vaccine Data” BBC

·     February 17: “Up to 90 Volunteers in UK to Take Part in Pioneering Covid Infection Trial” (The Guardian)

·     February 24: “Ghana 1st Nation to Receive Coronavirus Vaccines from COVAX” (Associated Press)

March 2021

·     March 1: “States Easing Virus Restrictions Despite Experts’ Warnings” (Associated Press)

·     March 8: “Fully Vaccinated People Can Gather Without Masks, CDC Says” (Associated Press)

·     March 9: “FDA Warns Against Using Ivermectin to Treat COVID-19” (Medscape)

·     March 9: “CDC Data Strengthens Link Between Obesity and Severe COVID” (Medscape)

·     March 11: “Denmark, Norway and Iceland Suspend AstraZeneca COVID Shots After Blood Clot Reports” (Reuters)

·     March 15: “South Africa’s Drop in Covid-19 Cases Adds to Questions About Waves of Infections” (Wall Street Journal)

·     March 16: “Moderna Begins Testing Covid Vaccine in Babies and Children” (The New York Times)

·     March 19: “AstraZeneca’s Covid-19 Vaccine Cleared by EU After Blood-Clot Concerns” (Wall Street Journal)

·     March 24: “Variants of SARS-CoV-2 Variants Emerge in Brazil” (Medscape)

·     March 24: “Brighter Outlook for US as Vaccinations Rise and Deaths Fall” (Associated Press)

·     March 30: “The Fourth Surge Is Upon Us. This Time, It’s Different.” (The Atlantic)

April 2021 

·     April 2: “Ethical Questions Surround Plans for COVID Vaccine Passports” (Medscape

·     April 6: “Covid-19’s Ground Zero Shifts to India” (Wall Street Journal

·     April 7: “UK Variant of COVID-19 Is Now Most Common Strain in United States: CDC” (Reuters

·     April 9: “Japanese Doctors Perform World’s First Living Donor Lung Transplant to a Covid-19 Patient” (CNN

·     April 9: “No Region in the World Spared as Virus Cases, Deaths Surge” (Associated Press

·     April 20: “EU Agency Links J&J Shot to Rare Clots, Says Odds Favor Use” (Associated Press

·     April 22: “Do Kids Really Need to Be Vaccinated for Covid? Yes. No. Maybe.” (Undark

·     April 29: “Pfizer and Moderna Vaccines Appear Safe, Effective During Pregnancy” (Medscape

·     April 29: “Brazil Covid-19 Variant Tears Through South America in Warning to World” (Wall Street Journal

May 2021 

·     May 4: “The Era of Mass Vaccination Is Ending” (The Atlantic) 

·     May 4: “Tokyo Games Need 500 Nurses; Nurses Say Needs Are Elsewhere” (Associated Press) 

·     May 5: “Canada Becomes First Country to Approve Pfizer Vaccine for Children 12-15” (The Guardian) 

·     May 11: “Pfizer-BioNTech Files for US Approval of COVID-19 Vaccine” (Medscape) 

·     May 12: “CDC Director Says U.S. Is Planning for Covid Vaccine Booster Shots ‘Just in Case’ (CNBC) 

·     May 12: “US Advisers Endorse Pfizer COVID Shot for Kids 12 and Up” (Associated Press) 

·     May 18: “COVID-19 Vaccine Trial Underway for Kids 5 and Younger” (NPR) 

·     May 25: “Coronavirus Cases and Deaths in the United States Drop to Lowest Levels in Nearly a Year.” (New York Times) 

·     May 27: “Why a Grand Plan to Vaccinate the World against Covid Unraveled” (Wall Street Journal) 

·     May 28: “Scientists Say They’ve Figured Out Why AstraZeneca and J&J’s Vaccines