Global Health Headlines (Summer 2023)

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May 2023

1.    May 1: “As Hospitals Close and Doctors Flee, Sudan’s Health Care System Is Collapsing” (New York Times)

2.    May 2: “Afghanistan: ‘Nothing We Can Do But Watch Babies Die’” (BBC)

3.    May 5: “WHO Downgrades COVID Pandemic, Says It’s No Longer Emergency” [Global] (Associated Press)

4.    May 8: “Nigerian Senator, Wife Jailed in UK for Organ-Harvesting Plot” (Associated Press)

5.    May 9: “Ukraine, Sudan Conflicts Fuel Alarming Surge in Tuberculosis” (Associated Press)

6.    May 11: “WHO Ends Global Health Emergency Over Mpox” (STAT News)

7.    May 16: “Prominent Foe of Female Circumcision Wins Prestigious $1.4 Million Templeton Prize” [East Africa] (Associated Press)

8.    May 17: “Why Suicide Rates Are Dropping Around the World” (Wired)

9.    May 18: “Ukrainian Trauma Surgeon Operates on Soldiers All Day Long Amid Russia’s War” (Associated Press)

10. May 19: “Sudan’s Warring Factions Target Doctors and Activists” (Washington Post)

11. May 22: “Cholera Vaccine Shortage to Last Until 2025 as Cases Surge, Gavi Says” [Global] (Reuters)

12. May 23: “Money, Sex and Rumors: Tanzania Faces Challenges to Protect Girls from HPV” (New York Times)

13. May 23: “Sought Out by Science, and Then Forgotten” [Colombia] (New York Times)

14. May 23: “The Woman Who Traveled Seven Hours by Camel to Give Birth” [Yemen] (BBC)

15. May 26: “Ukraine War: Russia Destroys Hospital in Latest Missile Attack” (BBC)

16. May 26: “Some Hoped a New Oral Vaccine Would Solve All the Polio Campaign’s Problems. Reality Is Setting In” [Global] (STAT News)

17. May 30: “Humanitarian Group MSF Calls for Support for Refugees in Kenya Affected by Cholera Crisis” (Associated Press)

18. May 30: “Covid Is Coming Back in China; Lockdowns Are Not” (New York Times)

19. May 30: “Uganda Enacts Law to Stop Stealing of Human Organs” (Reuters)

June 2023

1.    June 6: “Ghana Patients in Danger as Nurses Head for NHS in UK—Medics” (BBC)

2.    June 7: “Ukraine Rushes Drinking Water to Flooded Areas as Environmental Damage Mounts from Dam Break” (Associated Press)

3.    June 8: “Enforcers of China’s One-Child Policy Are Now Cajoling People to Have Three” (Wall Street Journal)

4.    June 9: “WHO Rushes Supplies to Ukraine, Readies to Tackle Disease in Flood Areas” (Reuters)

5.    June 12: “A Massive Vaccine Database Leak Exposes IDs of Millions of Indians” (Wired)

6.    June 12: “2022 Was the Worst Year on Record for Attacks on Health Care Workers [Global]” (NPR)

7.    June 12: “In Africa, Doubts About Vaccines Grew During Pandemic, Survey Finds” (Science)

8.    June 15: “Visually Impaired People in Ukraine Struggle to Cope During Russian Missile Attacks” (Associated Press)

9.    June 19: “Days of Sweltering Heat, Power Cuts in Northern India Overwhelm Hospitals as Death Toll Climbs” (Associated Press)

10. June 21: “Once Starved by War, Millions of Ethiopians Go Hungry Again as US, UN Pause Aid after Massive Theft” (Associated Press)

11. June 21: “Peru Is Reeling from Record Case Counts of Dengue Fever. What’s Driving the Outbreak?” (NPR)

12. June 29: “Exclusive: Indian Firm Used Toxic Industrial-Grade Ingredient in Syrup” (Reuters)

July 2023

1.    July 3: “When Missiles Strike Kiev, These Psychologists Race to Help” [Ukraine] (New York Times)

2.    July 5: “Ukraine’s Missing Children: The Search for Babies Taken by Russia” (NBC News)

3.    July 6: “’Safe and Effective’: First Malaria Vaccine to Be Rolled Out in 12 African Countries” (The Guardian)

4.    July 7: “Aid Group in Haiti Suspends Treatment after Some 20 Armed Men Storm Hospital” (Associated Press)

5.    July 7: “How Medical Treatment Is Giving Ukraine a Quiet Edge Over Russia” (Wall Street Journal)

6.    July 19: “Official Data Hinted at China’s Hidden Covid Toll. Then It Vanished” (New York Times)

7.    July 20: “Ukrainian Children with Cancer Fight Their Own War Within a War” (New York Times)

8.    July 21: “As Temperatures Rise, Mosquitoes Are Also on the Move. Scientists Worry That Could Mean More Malaria” [Global] (Associated Press)

9.    July 24: “Everyone Wants Ukraine’s Battlefield Data” (Wired)

10. July 24: “Cleaning Up ChatGPT Takes Heavy Toll on Human Workers” [Kenya] (Wall Street Journal)

11. July 25: “Indonesian Police Crack Down on Traffickers Who Sent 122 People to Sell Their Kidneys in Cambodia” (Associated Press)

12. July 27: “On Their Own Front Line, Ukrainian Surgeons Treat Waves of Soldiers Since the Counteroffensive Began” (Associated Press)