Global Health Timeline (August–October 2023)

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August 2023

August 1: “Countries Raid Each Other’s Health Systems in Global Battle for Nurses” (Wall Street Journal)

August 2: “China Is Suddenly Dealing with another Public Health Crisis: Mpox” (MIT Technology Review)

August 3: “An Internet Shutdown Means Manipur Is Burning in the Dark” [India] (Wired)

August 9: “Romanian Care Homes Scandal Spotlights Abuse Described as ‘Inhumane and Degrading’” (Associated Press)

August 11: “Global Covid Cases Up 80% as New Subvariant Rises” (AFP)

August 11: “Bird Flu Researchers Turn to Finland’s Mink Farms, Tracking a Virus with Pandemic Potential” (STAT News)

August 21: “China’s Fertility Rate Dropped Sharply, Study Shows” (Wall Street Journal)

August 23: “Doctors Advocate Fresh Efforts to Combat Chagas Disase, a Silent Killer” [Global] (KFF Health News)

August 25: “Japanese Family Says Young Doctor Took His Life after Working 200 Hours Overtime in a Single Month” (CNN)

August 25: “Nearly 2 Million Excess Deaths Followed China’s Sudden End of COVID Curbs, Study Says” (Reuters)

August 28: “China Won’t Require COVID-19 Tests for Incoming Travelers in a Milestone in Its Reopening” (Associated Press)

August 29: “Chinese County Offers ‘Cash Reward’ for Couples If Bride Is Aged 25 or Younger” (Reuters)

August 30: “Uruguay to Offer Free Antidepressants to Combat Soaring Suicide Rate” (Axios)

August 30: “Polluted Air Shortens Human Lifespans More Than Tobacco, Study Finds” [Global] (Wall Street Journal)

September 2023

September 1: “Abortion Is Now Decriminalized in 12 Mexican Sates” (NBC News)

September 6: “Kumbh Mela: Worry at Antibiotics Overuse at India’s Kumbh Mela” (BBC)

September 6: “Mexico’s Supreme Court Decriminalizes Abortion Nationwide” (Associated Press)

September 7: “Traditional Medicine Provides Health Care to Many around the Globe—the WHO Is Trying to Make It Safer and More Standardized” (The Conversation)

September 7: “We Tested ChatGPT in Bengali, Kurdish, and Tamil. It Failed.” (Rest of World)

September 8: “Superbugs Catch a Ride on Air Pollution Particles. Is That Bad News for People?” [Global] (NPR)

September 11: “’I Log into a Torture Chamber Each Day’: The Strain of Moderating Social Media” [India] (The Guardian)

September 11: “Global Health’s Dirty Secret: Rich Countries Get Good Medicine, the Poor Sometimes Get Poison” (New York Times)

September 11: “Earthquake-Hit Moroccans Grow Desperate as Aid Faces Hurdles” (Wall Street Journal)

September 12: “Rescue Teams Are Frustrated That Morocco Did Not Accept More International Help after Earthquake” (Associated Press)

September 14: “Cough Syrup Killed Scores of Children. Why No One Has Been Held to Account” [India] (Reuters)

September 15: “Bangladesh Is Struggling to Cope with a Record Dengue Outbreak in which 778 People Have Died” (Associated Press)

September 15: “Big Pharma’s Jonhson & Johnson Under Investigation in South Africa over ‘Excessive’ Drug Prices” (Associated Press)

September 15: “Polio Transmission Was Supposed to End by 2023. A New Report Explains Why It Won’t” [Global] (STAT News)

September 20: “High Blood Pressure Is the World’s Biggest Killer. Now There’s a Plan to Tackle It” (Wired)

September 21: “’Only God Can Thank You’: Female Health Workers Fight to Be Paid” [Global] (New York Times)

September 22: “Gold’s Deadly Truth: Much Is Minted with Mercury” [Global] (New York Times)

September 22: “Survivors of Flood-Ravaged Libya Wonder If They Will Ever Have a Home Again” (Wall Street Journal)

September 22: “Inside the Race to Stop a Deadly Viral Outbreak in India” (Wired)

September 26: “Cough Syrup Deaths Overseas Prompt US Crackdown on Toxic Testing” (Reuters)

September 26: “UN Says Cholera and Dengue Outbreaks Have Been Reported in Eastern Sudan as Conflict Grinds On” (ABC News)

September 29: “The Gamble: Can Genetically Modified Mosquitoes End Disease?” [Global] (New York Times

October 2023

October 2: “UN Authorizes a Second Malaria Vaccine. Experts Warn It’s Not Enough to Stop the Disease Spreading” [Global] (Associated Press)

October 2: “Parents in Pakistan Could Face Prison Time for Not Vaccinating Their Kids against Polio” (Associated Press)

October 2: “Pakistan Police Bust Organ Trafficking Ring That Took Kidneys from Hundreds” (BBC)

October 3: “Greenland Women Seek Compensation over Involuntary Birth Control” (BBC)

October 3: “A Hidden System of Exploitation Underpins US Hospitals’ Employment of Foreign Nurses” (Quartz)

October 5: “Closure of Maternity Wards Fuels Chinese Debate Over Population Decline” (The Guardian)

October 5: “Zimbabwe Announces 100 Suspected Cholera Deaths and Imposes Restrictions on Gatherings” (Associated Press)

October 6: “Nearly Six Months of War Has Brought Sudan’s Health System ‘To Its Knees’” (Axios)

October 9: “Gates Foundation Funding $40 Million Effort to Help Develop mRNA Vaccines in Africa in Coming Years” (Associated Press)

October 10: “Physical and Mental Health Toll on People Trapped in War Zones as Israel Conflict Continues” (ABC News)

October 10: “How AI Reduces the World to Stereotypes” [Global] (Rest of World)

October 11: “Haiti: Where Aid Delivery Depends on Talking to 300 Gangs” (BBC)

October 16: “Hospitals in Gaza Face Collapse as Water, Power and Medicine Run Out” (Associated Press)

October 16: “Millions of Workers Are Training AI Models for Pennies” [Global] (Wired)

October 18: “’People Are Terrified’: Gaza’s Main Hospital Overflows with the Living and the Dead” (The Guardian)

October 18: “New Initiative Aims to Sequence Half a Million Genomes of People with African Ancestry for Health Studies” (Science)

October 19: “’The Whole Health System Is Collapsing Around Us.’ Doctors Say Gaza Is on the Brink” (Wired)

October 23: “Scientists Deliberately Gave Women Zika—Here’s Why” (Nature)

October 24: “First Malaria Vaccine Slashes Early Childhood Mortality” [Global] (Science)

October 25: “Gaza’s Hospitals Treating Emergency Cases Only as Fuel Runs Low” (BBC)

October 25: “Japan’s Top Court Strikes Down Sterilization Requirement for Legal Gender Change” (NBC News)

October 27: “Facing Dementia without a Diagnosis Is Crushing. A New Program in Kenya Offers Help” (NPR)

October 30: “The Viral Threat Almost No One Is Talking About” [Global] (The Atlantic)