Meet the Interns: Mark Alhajj, Luke Collins

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Mark Alhajj

As a recent graduate of Taylor University, I entered the bioethics program due to my interests and aspirations of working as a clinician. Originally from a Middle Eastern background I have engaged in many global issues and have grappled with questions dealing with diversity, equality, and justice. Because of this background and my enthusiasm about entering the medical field, I have developed a strong passion for global health and clinical ethics.

I consider it an honor to have the opportunity to intern with CBHD as a Brown Scholar. Through working on various projects with the Center’s staff, furthering archival organization, and helping with website development, I have learned a great deal. Additionally, this year I was an intern at an HIV clinic in the city of Chicago, which opened my eyes to practical aspects of bioethics, connecting with my studies in the degree program and my work at the Center. Through these experiences and the versatility of the MA program at Trinity, my passions have further developed, and I feel prepared to engage these issues as I continue my education and professional career.

Upon completion of the MA program this summer I will attend Physician Assistant school at Marquette University, where I will complete my clinical and professional training. I look forward to learning more and continually engaging in these issues in my training and beyond. I know where my strong foundation can be found and understanding the network of wisdom, support, and help that I will always have through the Center.

Luke Collins

Last May I graduated from Taylor University with a BA in Biology/Pre-medicine and minors in Spanish and Chemistry. I was able to spend two semesters abroad, in Ireland and Ecuador respectively, and my primary research was on the micropropagation of deciduous azalea tissue. It was also my privilege to teach MCAT preparation courses both at Taylor University and in Indianapolis.

Bioethics became a primary focus after volunteering at the Fundacion Hogar de Cuenca in Cuenca, Ecuador, and while taking a number of philosophy and theology undergrad courses. It became clear to me that the best physician has both a deeply rooted character and is able to integrate experiences with meaningful foundations of thought.

CBHD equips people to engage cutting edge issues at the highest level possible. This internship has been one of the most valuable experiences for someone in my position.

It is my hope that those attending this year’s summer conference will actively seek out and mentor our newer members. Passing on wisdom and support is essential for developing an effective and healthy community. The relationships I have started to build at the Center will enhance my development as a physician and as a servant of Christ.