Save these Dates! - Fall 2003

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Graduate-level Academic and Continuing Education Credit Available for Each Event

Bioethics Institutes & Seminar

(Deerfield, Illinois)

Taught by over a dozen leading Christian figures in bioethics. Each institute includes the July 15–17, 2004 bioethics conference.

Week-long Institutes (July 12–17, 2004):

Intensive Bioethics Institute

A thorough orientation to the field of bioethics, comparing Christian and non-Christian perspectives.

Advanced Bioethics Institute

Considers in greater depth various approaches to bioethics, with special reference to end-of-life issues.

Pluralism Bioethics Institute

Examines the challenges that moral, cultural, and religious pluralism present for bioethics in public and health care settings.

Undergrad/Pre-Med Bioethics Institute (July 11–17, 2004):

An orientation to bioethics for those considering careers in medicine, health care, or bioethics.

Post-Conference Seminars (July 21–23, 2004):

Taught by national/international leaders in bioethics. Focuses on a particularly important area of bioethics.

Other Upcoming Conferences

October 3-4, 2003 — Thousand Oaks (Los Angeles), California: 

“Life and Death in the 21st Century: Making Ethical Decisions in an Age of Technology"

*If you are interested in hosting a conference co-sponsored by The Center for Bioethics and Human Dignity in your area, please contact Jim Moscato at or see our web site at