Updates & Activities - Fall 2014

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Paige Cunningham, JD

  • Interviewed in June by Christianity Today for a story on the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision in the Hobby Lobby case.
  • In June taught the Intensive Bioethics Institute.
  • Delivered the closing address, “Reframing the Discussion of     Bioethics in Transition” at the Center’s 22stannual summer conference in June.
  • Interviewed on “Karl and June Mornings” (Moody Radio Chicago) in August on Thai surrogacy and a contracting parents’ rejection of a twin born with Down syndrome.
  • Contributed “BioSurveillance: Your DNA, Art & Privacy” to the Fall 2014 Biohazards column for Salvo magazine.

Michael Sleasman, PhD

  • In June taught the Advanced Bioethics Institute and was a guest lecturer in several of the Center’s summer Institute courses.
  • Delivered the opening address, “Bioethics in Transition: Framing the Discussion” at the Center’s 2 annual summer conferencein June.
  • Completed the entry on “Bioethics” for the forthcoming third     edition of the Evangelical     Dictionary of Theology edited by Walter Elwell and Daniel Treier.

Heather Zeiger, MS, MA

  • In early June submitted an article to By Faith Magazine on gestational surrogacy that included an interview with Paige Cunningham.
  • Presented a parallel paper on opiate drug addiction and chronic pain at CBHD’s 2014 summer conference in June.


CBHD hosted the summer meeting for the Christian Medical and Dental Associations’ Ethics Committee led by CBHD Senior Fellow, William P. Cheshire, Jr., MD, in the days leading up to the Center’s 21st annual summer conference in June.

CBHD welcomed Cheyn Onarecker, MD, MA, as a new co-chair for the Healthcare EthicsCouncil (HEC). Dr. Onarecker joins Drs. Ferdinand D. Yates and Robert D. Orr in leading this important community of influence. A forum for all healthcare professionals, the HEC offers networking, sharing of resources such as case studies and recent publications, and a venue for discussing ethical issues in clinical practice and healthcare delivery. The HEC hopes to begin providing educational webinars within the next year.


Coming Soon: Discussion of POLST