Updates & Activities - Fall 2016

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Paige Cunningham, JD, Phd (Cand.)

  • In June, guest-lectured in CBHD’s Intensive Bioethics Summer Institute and spoke on “Temporary Wombs: Ethical Issues in Uterus Transplantation” for a combined session of all summer institute courses.
  • At the end of June, presented a paper at the Innovations in Faith-Based Nursing conference at Indiana Wesleyan University on “Innovations in Assisted Reproduction: Human Dignity, the ‘Child of Choice,’ and Christian Engagement.”
  • Was interviewed on “Brian and Kathleen Mornings” (Moody Radio Cleveland) on several occasions to discuss custody battles over frozen embryos and the ethics of biomedicine and enhancement technologies.
  • Discussed the ethics of clinical trials and synthetic human genomes on “Let's Talk with Mark Elfstrand” and was interviewed by World magazine on the religious and ethical implications of synthetic genomes.
  • Contributed a piece on fetal brain and tissue procurement for her “Biohazards” column in the Fall issue of Salvo.
  • In July and August spoke twice as a part of “The Gospel & Culture” series at College Church in Wheaton, Illinois, describing how the gospel applies to issues in abortion and bioethics.

Michael Sleasman, PhD

  • In June, taught the Advanced Bioethics Summer Institute, and guest-lectured in several other bioethics courses leading up to CBHD’s summer conference.
  • Presented “SciFi & Technology Assessment: What Is an Appropriate Role for Speculative Ethics in Assessing Emerging Technologies?” as a parallel paper presentation at CBHD’s summer conference.
  • In August, presented “Intrinsicality beyond Artifact: A Theological Inquiry into Mere Instrumentalism and the Axiology of Nature” at the International Academy for Bioethical Inquiry summer symposium.

Michael Cox, PhD (Cand.)

  • Presented “So That We Might Be Kept Alive: Towards an Old Testament Hermeneutic for Bioethics” as a parallel paper presentation at CBHD’s summer conference
  • In June, presented a paper, “Ethnicity in the Next Fifty Years: Some (Not So Far-Fetched) Possibilities,” to a PhD Seminar on Ethnicity: Modes of Inquiry and Analysis.
  • Achieved Candidacy for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School in Theological Studies, Old Testament. Michael’s dissertation explores a biblical theology of community boundaries.  

Heather Zeiger, MA

  • In April, published “Pigs with Human Hearts, and Other Wild Tales from the Future of Organ Donation,” on Quartz (http://qz.com/660662).
  • Contributed pieces on euthanasia and “The Changing Face of Physician-Assisted Suicide” to the Fall issue of Salvo.

The Christian BioWiki

Throughout the Spring semester and early summer, CBHD research staff and interns updated several of the entries for the Christian BioWiki, our online guide to the bioethical statements and positions of Christian denominations and movements throughout the world. We invite you to visit and contribute to this developing resource at http://christianbiowiki.org.

Intersections: “A forum for the Christian Life in our MedTech age”

CBHD launched a new resource through our EverydayBioethics website specifically designed for pastors and church leaders. Intersections is intended to draw attention to the broad range of bioethical issues and conversations that are happening in the midst of our congregations as well as in society at large, not in the formal language of academic bioethics, but in the language of theology and Church ministry. Initial posts included guest contributions from David Dockery, Joni Eareckson Tada, David VanDrunen, and Scott Rae. For more information or to join the conversation, visit: https://cbhd.com/intersections.

Coming Soon: Zika Update