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Updates & Activities - Spring 2013

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Dignitas Vol. 20, No. 1 (Spring 2013)
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Paige Cunningham, JD

• In March Paige introduced Her Dignity Network at the launch event held at the Heritage Foundation in Washington, DC.  

• Paige wrote “She’s a Person, Not a Uterus,” for Her.Meneutics, one of Christianity Today’s most popular blogs that provides news and analysis from the perspective of evangelical women.

Michael Sleasman, PhD

• Interviewed in early March by Alyssa Ashton for a freelance article on “The Ethics and Risks of Social Egg Freezing.”

• Completed an article with CBHD Fellow Gregory Rutecki, MD on “Christian Physicians: Reclaiming Integrity through Conscience, Philanthropia, and Vocation.” The article has been submitted to a peer review journal for consideration.

• Continued teaching ID 5002 Foundations for Cultural Engagement in the Spring semester for Trinity Graduate School.

Jennifer McVey, MDiv

• In late February, represented the Center at the Justice Conference in Philadelphia with CBHD Bioethics & Public Policy Associate, Michelle Kirtley, PhD.

• Co-authored an article with Michelle Kirtley, PhD, in early March for Relevant Magazine “Waking Up to the Women’s Health Crisis.”

Jessica Wilson, MDiv, ThM

• Facilitated the final theological bioethics roundtable discussion with graduate students and CBHD staff on Jeffrey P. Bishop’s recent book, The Anticipatory Corpse: Medicine, Power, and the Care of the Dying (University of Notre Dame, 2011). • Successfully defended dissertation proposal: “One Person, Two Wills: Dyotheletism and the Metaphysics of Mind and Volition.”

• Was awarded an analytic theology research stipend by the Center for Philosophy of Religion at Notre Dame.


Her Dignity Network

On March 7-8, 2013, coinciding with International Women’s Day, CBHD held several events in Washington, DC in tandem with the launch of the network and our newest website HerDignity.net devoted to promoting the engagement of global women’s health issues. The events featured Dr. Jameela George, a physician with Emmanuel Hospital Association, India. She was a Global Bioethics Education Initiative Scholar with CBHD in 2009. On March 7, CBHD held a briefing with Congressional staffers on Capitol Hill. Dr. George introduced staffers to global women’s health issues with a presentation on “Health Implications of Female Dignity across the Life Span.” On March 8, CBHD held the launch event for Her Dignity Network in the Van Andel Center at the Heritage Foundation. Th e morning event featured Dr. George and an expert panel, as well as presentations from CBHD staff Paige Cunningham, Jennifer McVey, and Michelle Kirtley. Additionally the Center officially launched HerDignity. net through the release of a video tour on our YouTube channel and social media.

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